lundi 5 mai 2014

Michael Ealy : BIG LOVE to the fans!

This moment says so much! Been a rough few weeks. Nothing but love to the cast: Irby Mink Lili MacKenzie & the most awesome crew & especially my man Karl “the truth” Urban! We had so many of these moments together…discovering this show together. BIG LOVE to the fans! Your enthusiasm week in and week out made it all worth it. Such a fun group of fans!! Live tweeting with you all always put a smile on my face… always. No one will miss Dorian more than me. I sought out to craft a character that could charm his way into the hearts and minds of the audience and still kick some a**!! I hope I did that for you… and more. I don’t know what’s next but I will be back. Bet that!

1 commentaire:

  1. michael parier que tous les fans de la série presque humain est déjà absents le Dorian et John

    vous les gars étaient déjà partie de notre routine
    et personne n'a le droit de ruiner une bonne situation en raison de l'auditoire stupide connaître cette station de série qui ne dispose pas de cette audience et le calendrier
    manquer John Dorian et ce si difficile à supporter
    jusqu'à peu de temps
    Je déteste arrogante Fox